Darkside Dreams

DARKSIDE DREAMS by A. King Bradley

PUBLISHER – ABEntertainment

Three interconnected stories that capture the insidious high-tech world of the not-too-distant future.

Ray Bridges, a world-weary veteran cop, responds to a disturbance call at a secluded religious compound and discovers a surprising secret that threatens the lives of the entire congregation.

Gwen Wolfe enlists the help of a shady private detective to uncover the truth behind her abusive husband’s sudden strange behavior.

Dr. Tira DuVernay, the lone psych officer onboard the spaceship/mining freighter Eclastica, struggles with the decision to relieve the captain of duty when his sanity is called into question after the freighter is accosted by pirates.

Grave Makers

GRAVE MAKERS by A. King Bradley

PUBLISHER – ABEntertainment

Two heart-pounding stories that capture the tumultuous reality of a world where organic and synthetic humans struggle to coexist.

Retired assassin Oscar Graves teams up with a mysterious dame to avenge the death of the synthetic woman of his dreams.

Viral sensation Seeva Cavelin and her friends score invites to an exclusive island getaway that takes a sinister turn the moment they reach their destination.

Black Marble

BLACK MARBLE by A. King Bradley

PUBLISHER – ABEntertainment

The two-part series finale of Darkside Dreams – Series 1.

Private detective Roman Ibarra investigates the death of his ex-girlfriend with the help of a digital copy of her consciousness.

Five years later…

“This was a thoroughly enjoyable read, both fast-paced and compelling. I would recommend it particularly to readers who enjoy sci-fi and exploring the impact that technology has on our lives both today and in the future.”

UK Amazon Review – 22 July 2020